Two easy steps to order. For price estimating, skip to step 2.

1) Create a “Shopping List” at IKEA®’s website

You can add anything to your shopping list with the “Save to list” buttons, even products that you can’t buy online direct from IKEA®. When you’re done, you’ll send this list to us. Shop at IKEA® now >

Use the “Save to list” buttons and links to add items to “My Shopping List”, not the shopping cart.

When you’re ready to finish, go to the “My shopping list” page where you’ll see your items.

2) For an instant calculation, enter your shopping list total price

You may want to come back here with a new browser window or tab so you can look back at the price in your shopping list. You’ll also need to send us the shopping list using the “Print” or “E-mail” buttons on that page (further instructions for that at the end of this form).