Sending My Order

Do I order from you or IKEA®?

Can I order ANYTHING that IKEA® sells?

How much does it cost for shipping/home delivery?

I'm having trouble with the Order form. Can I just call you and place the order by phone?

What forms of payment do you accept?

How much does it cost to assemble my furniture?

Do you assemble non-IKEA® furniture?

When do you schedule assembly work?

Can you assemble IKEA furniture we get on our own?

Receiving My Order

How do I get IKEA® furniture from you?

Do you deliver to __________?

When is your next IKEA® trip / When will I receive my order?

What if some of my order items are out-of-stock at the IKEA® store?

After I've Opened the Box

What if I open the box and my furniture pieces are damaged?

About NC Modern Furniture

How do I know I can trust your business?

Why should I order from you and not IKEA® directly?